To clubbers and parents

We are very excited to have you join us in AWANA this year! As we start out, we want you to know that all of the teachers and volunteers are excited about helping your child learn about God’s love for us.
AWANA stands for
A – Approved
W – Workmen
A – Are
N – Not
A – Ashamed
Which comes from the scripture verse 2 Timothy 2:15, Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. The AWANA Clubs’ mission is to “reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him.”
AWANA Club is divided into four groups:
Puggles: Ages 1 year through early 3 years
Cubbies: 3-year-olds and Pre-K children
Sparks: Kindergarten through 2nd grade
T&T: 3rd through 5th grade

Safety and precaution:

Each AWANA volunteer has completed a background check and has been approved to work with children. Every child must be picked up by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older. This is for the safety of the children in our care.
What does a night at AWANA look like?
AWANA nights start with check-in (6:15-6:25 p.m.), where children earn stickers for bringing their dues ($1.00—50¢ dues, 50¢ missions), wearing their uniform, attending church and Sunday School, and having their Bible and book with them. After check-in, the night is broken into three 25-minute blocks of time, with children in age-appropriate groups.
• HANDBOOK TIME: This is the time that kids get to say their memory verses from the sections in their age-appropriate handbooks. The handbooks are geared toward different age groups, with younger children getting the basics and older children learning verses that help them understand broader concepts. In addition, kids learn the books of the Bible and answers to questions that they may get from their friends about why they go to church and why the Bible is important. Verses must be memorized “word perfect,” which means staying true to what God’s Word says and including the verse “address” (where it is found in the Bible). Children are allowed two “helps” (or clues) if they run into problems. They are also encouraged to know not just what the verse says, but what it means. Children earn AWANA bucks for verses/sections passed.
• GAME TIME: This is the time to blow off steam and really have some fun. Dividing the groups into four teams, the kids compete with their own age group. The AWANA Calendar has a theme night that the kids can participate in.
• COUNCIL TIME: The Commander will give a talk for roughly 15 minutes about a way to apply the Bible to daily life. Then the talk gets interactive, with a question-and-answer time, games that test what they have learned, or letting the kids give examples of how they would apply the concept being taught.
• EXTRA FUN: On the last Wednesday from September through April (except for December), we offer an AWANA store where the Sparks and T&T clubbers can purchase items with the AWANA bucks they have earned!

For more information

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